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Most Recent 30 releases from Titus1. View more of his releases over 200+ on his beatport page link below.

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  • Dark Matter
    MAR234 | Most Addictive | 2020-07-10 | Buy
  • Voices
    Titus1, Nathan Brumley, Boostha
    Future House
    RF114 | Run Free | 2020-06-22 | Buy
  • I Wanna Know
    Titus1, Angie C
    Electro House
    LOW084 | Lowded Recordings | 2020-05-17 | Buy
  • Surrender (feat. Cammie Robinson)
    Titus1, Cammie Robinson, Jamgo
    Trap / Future Bass
    SIMP701 | Simplify. | 2020-05-15 | Buy
  • Dubstep Selections, Vol. 02
    CRWELL, Dead Noise System, DJ Absurd, Danno, Tribeleader, Dubzta, VictorV, Dezolent, Rapzor, Cam Lasky, Chase Water, Prismatic, Grindclock, Kytrex, Gods Warrior, J. Kong, D-Mize, Hexx, Titus1, Vibe Emissions, Basiclee, The Nox, Exille, VANM, Morning High, Internal Frequency, Creep n00m, Serious Killer, Exille
    Dubstep, Garage / Bassline / Grime
    LWDUBS02 | LW Recordings | 2020-05-08 | Buy
  • Second Hand Love
    Titus1, Travis Lydian, Andy Villa, Titus1, Decibel Pilot, FOOTWURK, VYYL, Proper Vibe, Andy Villa, Travis Lydian
    Electro House
    KULT026 | Kult and Kraft Records | 2020-05-01 | Buy
  • Seething
    Hexx, Titus1
    KULT26 | Kult and Kraft Records | 2020-03-31 | Buy
  • My House
    Titus1, Goliath
    Electro House
    CTX215 | CLUBTRXX (Plasmapool) | 2020-03-30 | Buy
  • Most Addictive Dubstep
    Trinergy, The Brig, DOP3 MC, Jarvis, Tiigers, Rob Gasser, Ashley Apollodor, PsoGnar, Teminite, Mantis, Beatcore, AFF1N1TY, Ray Volpe, Pane Mua, Sub.Sound, Guillotine, Titus1, Michael White, Spag Heddy, Ace Aura, Trinergy
    MAR223 | Most Addictive | 2020-03-13 | Buy
  • Better Days
    Titus1, Midnight CVLT
    Electro House
    NCS718 | NCS | 2020-03-03 | Buy
  • Play Me: New Blood, Vol. 9
    Noire, Karimooo, Heavy Pulse, Hexx, Titus1, Don Daniel, Kyubi, Atarii, Mr. Fink, Philstep, Tenebrax, HSURT, Exploid
    Electronica, Drum & Bass, Dubstep
    PLAYTOO207 | Play Me Too Records | 2020-02-07 | Buy
  • Everybody Bounce
    Bass House
    INC037 | Incursion Recordings | 2020-01-24 | Buy
  • Join Us EP
    Midnight CVLT, The Brig, Beenie Man, Titus1
    Dubstep, Breaks
    DE096 | Daily Earfood | 2020-01-13 | Buy
  • FAR Annual 2019
    Krasha, Party Rite, Dipstep, Vtecha, APACHE & RADA, Ntro ref, NMEdj, BRIANO, Hexx, Titus1, Prof.z, SlaaX, Bulbajar, Xram, Patos, Zenyu, Krasha, Dipstep, Phlint, Voxic, Guild Darkness
    Psy-Trance, Dubstep, Electro House, Future House, Trap / Future Bass, Breaks, Bass House, Drum & Bass, Electronica, Deep House
    FAR142 | Front Artillery Records | 2019-12-30 | Buy
  • Rewind 2019
    Alexander Orue, Lavelle Dupree, Freshcobar, Eran Hersh, Anto's Mars, Pansil, Aberrant Nature, Titus1, Exodus, Joey Antonelli, RhythmDB, Alexander Orue
    Funky / Groove / Jackin' House, Dance, Tech House, Future House, House, Melodic House & Techno
    FM0037 | Fattie Music | 2019-12-23 | Buy
  • Best of Most Addictive 2019
    Chime, Michael White, Ashley Apollodor, The Brig, Trinergy, DOP3 MC, Bilal, Tetrix Bass, Titus1, Rob Gasser, Prismatic, Phocust, Nasty Purple, Obscenity, 8Er$, PsoGnar, Teminite, Jarvis, Tiigers, LVWZ, Lonemoon, Wubbaduck, Heavy Pulse, Dyatic
    Drum & Bass, Electro House, Dubstep, Trap / Future Bass, Bass House
    MAR217 | Most Addictive | 2019-12-20 | Buy
  • You're Not Alone - Remixed
    George Acosta, Afro Cuban, Titus1, Boostha
    Afro House
    SG080 | SO GOOD | 2019-12-16 | Buy
  • Suga Cane
    Beenie Man, Titus1, Midnight CVLT
    DE095 | Daily Earfood | 2019-12-13 | Buy
  • She so Ratchet (feat. Coolio & UNLTD) [Rework]
    Coolio, Titus1, UNLTD
    CAT343136 | B-Nasty Beats | 2019-11-29 | Buy
  • Seething
    Hexx, Titus1
    FAR138 | Front Artillery Records | 2019-11-18 | Buy
  • Future House Anthems, Vol. 06
    Small Keeper, The Dual Personality, Anndra, Zafiro, PROTEKTOR33, Miami Shakers, Salim Sahao, Brandon Todd, THE KYED, Dream Travel, Ako Guntrax, J.E.T., DIMIX, DJ Man, Anbargo, Paul D, Titus1, Edita, Rohit, Teju, Godlips, BEN, Freaky DJs, KaktuZ, BERO, Joris Laze, Fenox, Tabernacle Music, Sammy Love
    Future House
    LWFHA06 | LW Recordings | 2019-11-08 | Buy
  • Everybody Bounce
    Electro House
    KULT023 | Kult and Kraft Records | 2019-10-24 | Buy
  • Everybody Bounce
    Bass House
    ORPH171 | Orphan Music | 2019-10-18 | Buy
  • who we are (feat. Keshia Angeline) [Remixes]
    Titus1, Buk, Keshia Angeline, Sunseekerz, Barry Hatchetz, Sounderz
    Psy-Trance, Hard Dance / Hardcore
    CAT331895 | B-Nasty Beats | 2019-09-27 | Buy
  • Breaks & Beats Selections, Vol. 04
    Blakjak, USBS, EFH, K-Deejays, Dynamite, Prizm Prime, Ildrealex, Kwerk, Phylo, DJ Gravity, Paket, Mike G, Digibox, Break2Break, BloodDropz!, 13th Zodiac, Gav Ley, Titus1, Raul Matis, & My Mother Say, Pavane, Dark Like '93, Jasamaal, Wavs, Nosk, Ethan Fawkes, H2O (USA), Davilone, Mariion Christiian, Aylen, Floating Spirits, Resistohr
    LWBBS04 | LW Recordings | 2019-08-09 | Buy
  • Feel My Rhythm (Rework)
    Titus1, Sandro Silva, Northie
    Electro House
    KULT022 | Kult and Kraft Records | 2019-08-02 | Buy
  • Power Workout, Vol. 05
    Max Vega, KC7, Maski & Banga, WYKO, AP, Titus1, Michael White, Freezeout, Roudi Le Gran, Cirillo JR, MOURIN, Roger-M, DJ Aditya, Hardquake, Enes Bugra, Emanuele Marini, Low Foam, Two Minds, KVRTV, Dipstep, MWRS, Luis de la Fuente, Mishel Risk, Ija, Kris Ferreri, Livin Out Loud, Killa's, Sergei Terez, T3rminal, Househoundz
    Electro House, Big Room
    HOTQPW005 | LW Recordings | 2019-07-15 | Buy
  • Without You
    George Acosta, Titus1, Boostha
    Future House
    SG074 | SO GOOD | 2019-07-08 | Buy
  • Essential Dubstep Weapons, Vol. 09
    Split, Gnischrew, Vibe Emissions, S E E N, Tiigers, J. Kong, BAR9, Roughmath, Reeyo D, Party Rite, Wodd, Stevie Cee, Dark Ronin, WaltR Melody, AdrenAlin Studio, Tenebrax, Cup A' Joe, MaZMaTIK, DJ Gabi, MC T-Black, Titus1, Sir Kutz, StarX, ROCCCCC, XertioN, Dread Pirates, Frepz, bassReaper, The Night Hospital, Dr. Oscillator, Venon
    LWEDW09 | LW Recordings | 2019-06-14 | Buy
  • Finding Me
    Titus1, Hypesetterz, Travis Lydian
    Electro House, Dubstep, Tech House
    KULT021 | Kult and Kraft Records | 2019-06-12 | Buy
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