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Full Downloadable Mixes


Get The Latest Titus1 Mixes Here
Feel free to download any or all of the Titus1 mixes here, they range from house to deep to electro. Variety of styles for all ears. Nothing but passion and enjoyment went into these, so feedback is always appreciated.

A new mix is uploaded every 3-4 months.

Free Songs, Bootlegs, and Remixes


Free Tracks at No Cost
Free bootleg productions, remixes, and original songs are listed here. There may only be a few, and if there are any you want in particular, feel free to email for a copy of a certain song Titus1 has released officially.

All these are free!

Where to Buy the Latest Tunes


Supporting the Artist & Buying Music
From trance to dubstep and techno to trap, every day we are reminded of the fact we are growing nation of DJs. That’s why we feel it’s more important than ever to support your local DJs.

All your support is appreciated and always valued.

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